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Jeff Angeleri

Vintech, Inc.

6301 Porter Road, Unit 13
Sarasota, FL 34240

Phone: 941-350-1964


Vintech Restoration & Customization: We build turn-key modernized vintage vehicles

Vintech is an automotive design and engineering company that modifies and restores vintage and classic vehicles.  The name Vintech is a combination of “Vintage” and “Technology”.  Our company marries todays technology with yesterdays “golden era” styling to create vehicles that look great and drive more like new cars, (i.e better handling, modern fuel injected engine and overdrive transmission) which we call "Restomods".


Mission Statement:

To deliver the highest quality design & automotive engineering as applied to vintage vehicles.  To make vintage vehicles operate like the latest, state of the art examples.  To meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We will set the bar higher than that of our customers.

Guiding principles:

-Specially enhanced vehicles come about through great design, engineering that includes a thorough build and written design plan, and exceptional execution.

-Lessons learned from managing many OEM show car builds, where safety and performance were of high importance, are applied to each vehicle we create.

-The company has unparalled depth, with over 20 years of industry contacts gathered from the Principal’s time of employment at General Motors, Honda, SEMA, and personal vehicle builds in Southern California, Detroit, and SW Florida.